Why is the City conducting a strategic revitalization of the Castleton area now?

The Castleton area is facing aging development, evolving trends, and a rapidly changing retail environment. These forces can lead – and in some places are already leading – to less desirable uses, vacancy, degradation, and devaluation. This is a critical moment for surrounding neighborhoods and viable businesses to think proactively toward the next version of this area.

What is the expected outcome of the project?

This is a large-scale planning effort with several primary objectives:

  • Capture Community Input
  • Establish Goals, Policies and Recommendations
  • Inform Future Land Use
  • Act as an Economic Development Tool

The project will not undertake zoning or ordinance planning, produce construction documents, or exercise eminent domain. It is not associated with the White River Vision Plan, though it will attempt to work in concert with that effort.

Will this plan secure funding for future projects?

The plan will describe potential funding alternatives for future projects, including the establishment of a new Tax Increment Financing (TIF) District.

Who is performing the work?

The City of Indianapolis is the project sponsor. The City hired a diverse team of consultants to look at and analyze retail and market conditions, traffic patterns, adjacent planning efforts, recreational opportunities, infrastructure needs, and public opinions. The full team can be seen here.

When will the project be completed?

The full Castleton Strategic Revitalization Plan will be delivered to the City near the end of 2019. It will be released to the public in early 2020.

What are the project limits/study area?

Click here to see a map of the project area.

Why isn’t my neighborhood included in the study area?

The study area focuses primarily on commercial, institutional, and multi-family areas, which are the areas most ripe for redevelopment consideration.  Adjacent single-family neighborhoods are not included in this study, because they are likely to remain single-family neighborhoods.  However, that does not mean residents don’t have input!  Our stakeholder committee includes representatives from adjacent single-family neighborhoods, and in the coming months we will have public workshops, focus groups, and opportunities for broad, online engagement. You can also take a survey here (until June 30) or sign up for our e-newsletter to stay in touch!

How is this project related to the I-465/I-69 expansion project?

This project is not connected to the INDOT I-465/I-69 expansion project, though plan recommendations will consider its impacts. You can learn more about the INDOT road project here.

How is this project related to the drainage work planned for 75th Street and Hague Road?

This project is not connected to the City’s Upper Blue Creek Drainage Improvements project. Learn more about that project here.