July 24, 2024

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Welcome to the website for the Castleton Strategic Revitalization Plan. Please explore the website to learn about the project and its process, or click the image above to be taken to the final version of the plan.

A New Vision for Castleton

For more than a generation, Castleton has served as a vibrant center of commerce in Central Indiana, and remains an important regional shopping destination and employment hub today. However, as national trends change so must our communities. Aging development, changing lifestyle preferences, and a rapidly evolving retail environment can lead – and in some places is already leading – to less desirable uses, vacancies, and devaluation. Castleton is at a critical moment: to think forward to the next version of this area and build on it’s past to create a vibrant future.

In 2019 the City of Indianapolis Department of Metropolitan Development led a year-long planning process in partnership with an expert planning team, headed by MKSK. This process focused on understanding Castleton today, capturing public input through a robust process, exploring opportunities for the future revitalization of this area, and making recommendations for implementation steps. The culmination of this is the Castleton Strategic Revitalization Plan, which positions the area for a new era of vitality as a center of not just shopping, but living and playing.

About This Plan

Project Location and Boundaries

The study area for this plan consists of a larger economic study area, within which a smaller, redevelopment focus area will be identified. The larger economic study area consists of the commercial, industrial, and multi-family property in the Castleton area, roughly bounded by White River on the west, 96th Street on the north, Hague Road on the east, and 75th Street, I-465, and 82nd Street on the south. The redevelopment focus area will be focused on the 82nd Street Corridor between I-465 and I-69. The larger economic study area is 4.5 Square Miles / 2,790 Acres in area.

Study Area

Project Updates